Web2.0 Network Feedback

We had an interesting Web2.0 workshop which commenced with a cup of tea and a delightful homemade ‘yoghurt cake’ made by Catherine… Mmmm and I nearly forgot the homemade traditional Irish scone which preceded the cake.  This was a vital ingredient in making the day a success! Thanks again to Catherine from Fortview house.

We had five participants in the workshop and we focussed on sharing details about each other’s Web2.0 activities since we last met.  One of the learning points was that two of those present have no system of monitoring their website traffic.  We recommended that they use www.statcounter.com which was ably presented by Declan and Geraldine who are both clued in to their own web stats and can identify how much web-traffic that is coming from various social media sites that they are active on.


As small tourism businesses, some sites like wikipedia were proving to be too difficult because of the strict monitoring regime present on the site.  All were blogging, although they have a lot to do to make their blog more interactive and interesting. Liz is leading the charge on blogging with www.swallowstudios.wordpress.com which encompasses many of the principles laid down in the Irish Internet Association draft business guidelines on blogging (http://www.socialtext.net/iia-smwg/index.cgi?business_blogging).


We had a quick look at the number of inbound links that everyone was getting and we surprised by the level of inbound links that www.fortview.com was getting… 32,200!!! in total.  Congrats Catherine. 



It was good to see that everyone was giving it a go in terms of interacting with the web and using the various social media tools that are available on the web.  Declan clearly indicated the benefits and drawbacks from many of the social media tools.   It was accepted that it requires time and effort to benefit from this additional web activity and it just does not happen overnight.



We are going to continue working as a network dedicated to assisting each other’s online promotional efforts in the area of Web2.0.  Each of the Web2.0 Network participants are going to focus on an aspect of their business or a broader local interest activity and we are collectively going to promote each others blogs, websites, videos or whatever other tools are used.



This will range from Geraldines work with the development of a new website for Killeshandra tourism , Catherines focus on World Rally Ireland, Liz’s focus on promoting the Designer Crafts shop in Monaghan for Christmas to Declan plans to run Monaghans first Bog Snokelling competition.  I can’t wait to hear more and we will keep you informed through Talktourism about all activities.


2 Responses

  1. Hi John,
    Just want to let you know that the Web2.0 workshop was great yesterday. I enjoyed it, and all the foosies too. But it has focused the mind again and I think if we stick at it and get together regularly we will be well ahead in the Web2.0 stakes for next year.

    I am manning Designer Crafts at the Market House today and have access to broadband……..two days in a row……it is just great! Designer Crafts opens officially this evening at 6pm and everyone is welcome. We will have a wee glass of mulled wine to help get into the spirit of the season.

    So spread the word, give gifts of meaning and quality this Christmas, from Designer Crafts in The Market House, Monaghan open right up to Dec24th

    Liz Christy
    Read more at http://www.swallowstudios.wordpress.com

  2. Looking forward to next Web 2.0 Workshop, after a long holiday from workshop we should be all entusastic and full of bright idea’s.

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